Our Guiding Principles to Community and the Environment

We will bring good-paying jobs to Wyoming, and partner with local universities and organizations to train residents for those jobs
We will engage communities to understand their biggest needs, and invest part of our profits in building up and supporting the local communities across those areas
We are committed to minimizing disruptions to the environment

Creating Jobs and Providing Training

We prioritize job creation at living wages, providing opportunities for local community members and contributing to economic growth.

We can leverage the deep technical expertise of Central Wyoming residents to provide the technical know-how to build out the Carbon Orchard.

We will work with local community colleges, universities, and trade schools to develop training opportunities for local residents to work with Spiritus as staff, vendors, and subcontractors.

Investing in the Local Community

Community engagement is an on-going process. We will include the community in our planning process from before we break ground until the end of our project.

We want to hear from the community in the way that makes most sense to them; email, phone calls, community meetings, or newsletters. Tell us more here

We are committed to a profit-sharing model that reinvests where the community needs it most, be it childcare, housing, or healthcare.

Environmental Impact

We have designed our project to minimize disruption to the environment.

We are minimizing waste of inputs, including regeneration of sorbents, and utilizing recycled water for our facility's water needs.

Our energy needs are less than one half those of other direct air capture processes, which reduces the impact of energy needs on the local grid and needs for additional energy.

We are collaborating with local, state, and federal agencies to identify ecologically sensitive areas, and developing strategies to mitigate potential impacts on the ecosystem, including wetlands and breeding grounds.

We are involving the community in decisions related to land use, ensuring that construction avoids culturally or ecologically sensitive lands.

We plan to work with state and federal departments to protect local habitats, including animal migration, breeding grounds, and hunting areas.

During construction, we are committed to minimizing noise and stress on transportation infrastructure. We collaborate with local transportation officials to plan construction routes and adhere to best practices to minimize erosion, land disturbance, and impacts on local waterways.
Join us in our journey towards sustainable and community-focused project development. At Spiritus, we're dedicated to positive change, both for the environment and the people who call our project areas home.
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