Spiritus’ Carbon Orchard ™

Carbon Orchard: A Groundbreaking Paradigm in Carbon Removal

Spiritus has introduced its innovative "Carbon Orchard", redefining the landscape of direct-air-capture (DAC) technology.

We refer to Spiritus’ DAC approach as a Spiritus “Carbon Orchard”

Every Orchard uses passive air contacting (no fans), a low temperature desorption process, and a modular design that allows rapid scale-up.

The solid sorbent, called “Fruit”, adsorbs CO2 from the ambient air through passive contacting and is conveyed to a centralized, fully-contained and novel non-TVSA desorption system.

Once desorbed, the Fruit are circulated back to the contactors, referred to as “Trees”, for additional passive air contacting, repeating the cycle.

What is the Carbon Orchard?

Spiritus' Carbon Orchard represents a Rubik's Cube solution to efficient DAC technology. By integrating a highly cost-effective sorbent material, low-energy consumption, and a modular design, Spiritus has unlocked a novel method for tackling the challenge of megaton-scale carbon removal.

Innovative Response to the Carbon Crisis

By developing state-of-the-art DAC technology and processes, Spiritus removes and sequesters megaton-scale CO2 from the atmosphere. The combination of their novel sorbent material, innovative process design, and modular approach.

Why Spiritus?

Unique Sorbent & Process Technology
Our novel solid sorbent material drives efficient adsorption, and a novel low-temperature desorption process, capturing carbon at an unprecedented pace while minimizing energy consumption.
Scalable DAC on Renewables
Our modular design facilitates rapid scale-up, all while relying on renewable energy sources and existing supply chains to maximum carbon removal potential.
Measurement, Reporting & Verification
Trust, transparency, and impact. With real-time monitoring and verification, our carbon removal goes beyond estimation — it's measurable and provable.
“Khosla Ventures has been looking closely at the direct air capture space for years,” said Jessy Rivest, partner at Khosla Ventures. “In Spiritus, we have a combination of a strong approach and team to solve this climate challenge, making it our first investment in the DAC area.”