Spiritus DAC:

Setting a New Standard in Carbon Removal

Unprecedented Market Accessibility 

Spiritus is pioneering a new price point for direct air capture, the gold standard for high-quality CDR (Carbon Dioxide Removal), that makes DAC accessible within all net-zero portfolios.

Lower price per ton means clients get more carbon removal value for their high-quality CDR investments. Buyers can now include top-quality DAC in their portfolios, addressing a major concern when purchasing lower-quality lower-permanence carbon credits and offsets.

Real-Time Monitoring, Reporting, & Verification (MRV) 

Spiritus stands out by offering DAC, an inherently high-quality approach, and real-time monitoring, reporting and verification.

Even with certification standards in place, low-quality carbon offsets are prone to scandal, with estimates that only 10% of carbon offsets are realized (Source).

Spiritus’ CDR is verified by a pioneering approach to third-party MRV. We use advanced sensors, algorithms, and computational techniques, to ensure customers have the utmost clarity and assurance around real-time verification, 24/7/365.

US-based CDR  

Spiritus is a proud US-based Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) company, with carbon orchard projects in the US.

Our US-based DAC includes contractual legal clarity, reduced liability risks, and clear paths to enforcement, which enhances trust for buyers. 

Geological sequestration according to EPA standards ensures a well-defined, safe, and compliant business operation with sound oversight that minimizes risks.

Meets Frontier’s Standards & Diligence Process 

Spiritus’ commitment to high-quality standards is highlighted by adhering to well-defined diligence processes, like Frontier’s purchase of our CDR.

Khosla Ventures, one of the premier climate tech investors, chose Spiritus as their first and only investment in the DAC space after looking at the sector for years.


Spiritus is committed to being a good neighbor to local communities.

As we scale our technology, we are committed to creating a profit-sharing model based on communication with communities, non-profits, educational institutions, and local governments.  Are you, your business, or non-profit based in Central Wyoming? Connect with us here!

We are proud to site our first Carbon Orchard in Wyoming that is leading the way to a net negative carbon standard and carbon removal.

Innovative Sorbent-Material & Novel Desorption process

Two primary innovations drive Spiritus’ low-cost DAC approach: a novel sorbent technology and a novel desorption process.

The solid sorbent has rapid sorption and desorption rates at a fraction of the sorbent cost versus state-of-the-art sorbents under passive DAC conditions.

Our novel desorption process cuts energy usage by more than half when compared to current methods.

This innovation minimizes Spiritus DAC impact on local energy resources to achieve the same outcomes.
Join us in our journey towards sustainable and community-focused project development. At Spiritus, we're dedicated to positive change, both for the environment and the people who call our project areas home.
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